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MYOB Conversions

  1. What MYOB Versions Converted?
  2. Addresses are missing
  3. Can you convert MYOB Essentials?
  4. Negative Inventory in MYOB files
  5. Multi-currency and other system differences - MYOB versus Xero
  6. How Do I Check How Many Jobs I Have In My MYOB File
  7. INP Tax Codes in MYOB
  8. Can you convert MYOB multi-location files?
  9. Tracked Inventory after conversion
  10. How much history will I receive?
  11. How do I create a Back Up to load from my MYOB file?
  12. Why is the BASIC conversion free?
  13. Do you convert MYOB AccountEdge Macintosh files?
  14. What is the monthly comparative balances option?
  15. Amending Conversion Balances
  16. Figure in Conversion Clearing Account
  17. How do you convert Quotes & Orders?
  18. Why are my bank account numbers missing?
  19. My account numbers have changed
  20. Will my Xero file be on a cash/accrual basis?
  21. Do you need my MYOB password?
  22. Can I roll my MYOB file into the current financial year?
  23. Invoice/credit notes and/or bills displaying as unpaid even with applied payments
  24. Can I prevent bank accounts being converted if I make them inactive?
  25. I cannot view my Action Checklist
  26. Repeating Invoices
  27. My MYOB file has verification errors
  28. File with orders (items) received but not invoiced
  29. MYOB file with deposits entered but not processed
  30. Can you convert multi-currency files?
  31. How are inventory & activity codes handled during the conversion?
  32. File with Multi use of Accounts Receivable/Payables
  33. File with Non-Standard or Custom Taxcodes
  34. P&L and balance spreadsheets do not match
  35. Bank reconciliation in Xero is not matching prior to the last reconciliation date
  36. Bill or Invoice showing an amount due
  37. File with deposits against orders
  38. Customising bank account types