How do I start the conversion? | Jet Convert

How do I start the conversion?

It is as easy as 1., 2., 3.!

When you have your file ready for conversion:

1. Zip your backup file and have it ready to upload or place it in a cloud location (such as drop box) so you can share a public link with us. For Reckon files make sure the password for the Admin user is removed. If you do not know how to remove the password please call us on 1800 77 00 35 to advise what the password is.

2. Place an order via the green "Load your file" button on our website home page.

3. You will receive a confirmation via email that we are working on your file. Keep an eye out for other emails requesting further input from you.

4. Within 3 business days for MYOB, and 5 business days for other file types, when your conversion is ready for you, we will send you another email with your Xero subscription.

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