How does payroll come across into Xero? | Jet Convert

How does payroll come across into Xero?

If payroll is active in your file and there are less than 200 paid you will receive the following information:

  • Employee data: contact details, employment details, tax declaration, leave, bank account details, pay template and opening balances.
  • Opening balances which displays the year to date of what each employee has been paid. 
Using this information you will be able to create your payment summaries in Xero for the financial year.

Any items that contain the word 'allowance' will be set up in Xero as an allowance. 

You will need to review and update Superannuation details in Xero following conversion as generally Super fund information will not carry over.

Note: We do not bring across any employer expenses. If you have more than 200 paid employees payroll will not be converted. Long service leave is also not converted.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR RECKON & QB FILES:  Any jobs associated with payroll entries will not come across from the Reckon source file to Xero during conversion.

Which employees will be converted?

We generally bring across
  • all employees paid in the current payroll year AND
  • all employees set-up but never paid unless terminated or inactive.
Note if payroll is not active in the MYOB or Reckon file then payroll will not be converted.
Transactional history conversions

If you selected a conversion with transactional history you will receive "paid off" bills which represent the actual payments and transactions processed in your file.

Balances only conversions

If you select a balances only conversion you will not be able to view any transactions or "paid off bills" in the system for the history.


We recommend that you check your payroll section in Xero to make sure it is up-to-date with current agreements.

For MYOB conversions, as part of your post conversion Action Checklist, you will also receive information on data missing from your MYOB file.

For Reckon conversions the payroll information is not easily extracted so it will require a thorough review in Xero afterwards.

Remember that you might have to do a manual calculation for the payroll amounts on your first BAS. More information is in our blog.