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Receiving my Xero subscription

If you have not received an e-mail from us with a link to your Xero subscription as yet it may be because:

  1. Your e-mail client has not updated and you cannot see the e-mail with your subscription. Refresh your browser and look for an e-mail from or for Australian files, and or for American files, in your e-mail in-tray.
  2. The e-mail with your subscription may have gone to Spam or Junk. Check your Spam/Junk folder and look for an e-mail from, or
  3. You have not paid for your conversion.
  4. The subscription was sent to a different e-mail address. When you order the subscription you are asked for two e-mails, one is the contact e-mail and the other is the Xero subscription e-mail. Check with the owner of the Xero subscription e-mail.  If they have not received the Xero subscription e-mail either please contact us by e-mailing

If you have received an email from us but cannot see your new Xero org in 'my Xero' it may be because:

  1. You clicked on the incorrect link in the subscription email.
  2. You clicked on the link but failed to complete the login/registration step with Xero.
  3. You have not set up two factor authentication for that Xero account login.