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I need bank statement PDFs in a file format

If you need to get historical data into an electronic format and all you have are old bank statement PDFs our PDF conversion service can assist.

We take historical bank statement PDFs and convert into CSV and OFX files, clean and ready for you to use. 

Using a semi-automated process we tidy up the data, put transactions in correct sequence, detect any potential gaps, test integrity, and send it back to you. Turnaround is typically less than 3 business days.

Pricing (incl GST) is by bank statement page and delivery within 3 business days.  Remove any pages you do not want converted to reduce cost.

  • 1 to 20 pages $110
  • $2.20 per page over 20

How to convert your PDFs

1. When sending through PDFs for a client we require them to be sorted by account. Combine all PDFs for a particular bank account into the one file or folder. Then zip all the different bank account files/folders into one zip folder for upload.

2. Order via our website and have your files combined into one folder ready for upload. Processing can take from a few minutes to a few hours. You can navigate away from the page while processing is occurring.

3. A page count will determine price to be paid. Following payment the conversion starts and the OFX/CSV files sent to you within 3 business days (sometimes longer for large jobs greater than 100 pages).

Read more at our blog post on this service.