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Quickbooks USA Versions Converted

Quickbooks (USA editions) conversions are free of charge courtesy of Xero

Versions we  can convert

  • USA Windows Quickbooks Desktop versions and include Pro, Premier or Enterprise.
  • Quickbooks for MAC - (see below)
  • Quickbooks Online.
  • We cannot yet convert Quickbooks for non USA organizations. Other countries such as Australia or Asia are not handled properly.  The key differences are that taxes are handled differently in both Quickbooks and Xero; and payroll is very country specific. Call us if you wish to do so.

We can convert

  • .QBB or .QBW files up to 250 MB in size (compressed .QBM files will show a smaller file size than it actually is)
  • Desktop Quickbooks to the latest version (currenly 2017) including Pro, Premier Enterprise
  • Macintosh Versions. Intuit have the process of how to creat a Windows version from Mac here - export to a Windows version.
  • Please contact us for files that are 2011 or earlier
  • Multi-currency conversions are not currently supported
  • Advanced inventory (inventory tracking) is not supported
  • We do not yet convert payroll (coming soon)
  • Passwords. For desktop versions, it helps if you can provide the file with the password removed. Also, please make sure that if you have changed the name of the admin user to something else you change it back to Admin
We do not convert

Quickbooks Online is a live system. While we make every effort to be as fast as possible, and we take snapshots of balances to use in automated comparison, QBO will change on a daily basis due to bankfeeds or repeating invoices.  If you do then you will have to migrate those tractions from when you invited Jet into the organization to when you start working in Xero.
We recommend not to work in the QBO live system. If you must work in QBO then do the following.
  • Don't bother to reconcile transactions - do this in Xero
  • Avoid payroll in QBO - allow enough time to do the next in Xero.
  • If you create invoices or purchases then export out those few days, and then import those into Xero.
  • When you turn on bankfeeds in Xero, only import bank transactions back to the date of last reconciliation.