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Can you convert Reckon?

Australian Reckon file conversions are free of charge courtesy of Xero.

Versions we  can convert

  • All Australian Windows Reckon files with the extensions .QBB, .QBW or .QBM extension. (Pro / Premier / Enterprise) 
  • We cannot convert the Accountants version directly. Please save a backup as a Pro / Premier / Enterprise version and send that backup type to conversion.
  • We cannot yet convert other country versions (e.g. New Zealand)

It is preferred to make sure the password for the Admin user is removed. If you cannot remove the password, and we are unable we may call you to advise what the password is.

We can convert

  • .QBB or .QBW files up to 250 MB in size (compressed .QBM files will show a smaller file size than it actually is)
  • Reckon Accounts from 2013 to the latest version (currenly 2017) including Enterprise
  • Reckon Hosted
  • Quickbooks 2012/13 (Australian release)
  • Please contact us for files that are 2011 or earlier

  • Multi-currency conversions are not currently supported
  • Advanced inventory (inventory tracking) is not supported
  • We do not convert payroll if more than 200 employees paid
  • We cannot convert files containing Wine Equalisation Tax.
We do not convert

  • Files greater than 250 MB in size 
  • Reckon One or Reckon Elite APS
  • Payroll Premier 2011/2102 & 2012/13
  • Point of Sale 2014 Lite, Professional or Enterprise
  • Accountants Versions. Just save the backup as standard user version.