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What data will come across?


Please refer to our How Data Converts web page for detailed information on all conversion features.

All conversions include transfer of the following information as well as full transactional history.

  • Contacts
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Items
  • Jobs/Categories
  • Payroll setup (with payroll balances, all employee details, pay items and templates). (Available for MYOB and Reckon Australia and some USA conversions)

History conversions 

The history option provides full transactional history including every bank transaction, invoice, quote, order, credit note, payment, manual journal, payroll entry, contact and item as you had it in the source file. 

Xero sponsors the current plus the previous financial year of history. Additional years can be purchased.

In a MYOB conversion, the amount of history you receive may be reduced if:

  • the MYOB file has been rolled into the current financial year
  • it is multi-currency
  • It has been converted from Account Edge files
  • it has multiple locations
  • there are errors or a large number of transactions in the MYOB file.

Balances Only Conversion

This conversion gives you all the business information but also preserves the account balances as of the start of the current financial year:

You do not get any transactions, invoices, bills, credit notes, bank transactions, manual journals or payments.

This also excludes any open invoices, bills and credit notes. That way you do not have to worry about the old unpaid transactions, but it does mean that you or your client has to manually add the correct invoices, bills and credit notes after adjusting the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable balances.

If you wish you can add the premium option Monthly Comparative balances for AU $49. These are monthly journals in the P&L and balance sheets prior to the transactional history start date. They go back as far as we can read the data in your source file and provide additional information for reporting purposes. 

$0 Balances (MYOB Only)

This is the same as Balances Only except that the Conversion Balances are set to $0.

Similar to the Balances Only option you do not get any transactions, invoices, bills, credit notes, bank transactions, manual journals, payments, or open invoices, bills or credit notes.

You cannot add the monthly comparatives option to a $0 balances conversion.

Payroll (If service is available)

With every conversion we set up payroll if it is active in the MYOB/Reckon file.

We bring across active/inactive and terminated employees that have been paid during the current financial year. The employees will contain data such as:

  • Details, employement details, tax declaration, leave accrual, bank account details, pay template and opening balances.

All of the above data will come across as it is in the source file. We do not bring across any employer expenses aside from Superannuation.

You will need to review and update Superannuation in Xero following conversion.

We also bring across payroll opening balances which displays the year to date of what each employee has been paid. In the Xero file you will also find "paid off bills" which represents the actual payments and transactions once processed in your file.

Monthly Comparative Balances

This is a premium service that can be ordered in addition to the Xero free conversion - more information.

Custom Chart of Accounts

This premium service allows you to map the accounts in your practice chart of accounts, including merging of accounts. This is especially valuable if you have a standardized reporting codes set up in your practice.

Premium Options

With most conversions, additional years of full transactions are available for a small charge. See www.jetconvert.com/pricing for full details