PDF Bank Statements to CSV and OFX

PDF Bank Statements to CSV and OFX

I need bank statement PDFs in a file format

If you need to get historical data into an electronic format and all you have are old bank statement PDFs our PDF conversion service can assist. Using a semi-automated process we tidy up the data, put transactions in the correct sequence, detect any potential gaps, test integrity, and send it back to you. Turnaround is typically less than 3 business days. We take historical bank statement PDFs and convert them into CSV and OFX files, clean and ready for you to use. For Pricing please see here.

How to convert your PDF's

Remove any pages without transactions on them to reduce unwanted costs

  1. Zip your pdf files (keeping a separate PDF for each bank account - you can have multiple PDF's for the one bank account it will just mean multiple CSV and OFX files for that bank account).

  2. Upload using the Green Upload on the Bank Statements service page.
  3. The initial page count and can take minutes or a bit longer depending on the number of pages. However, you will receive an email to pay for the job. Reply to the email if you do not wish to continue with the conversion having viewed the price to be charged.
  4. To continue, pay for the conversion.
  5. The conversion will take up to 3 business days, it can be longer for large jobs over 100 pages.
  6. Your CSV, OFX and completion report will be emailed to you upon completion.
NOTE: DO NOT save Files within Folders

What is converted in the CSV / OFX files?
You will receive three columns of data:
  1. Date
  2. Description - Descriptions that scroll over more than one line will be combined into one line. 
  3. Amount.
If the bank statement pages submitted are missing data we will add a line to ensure the files balances against the bank statements.

What if I am missing bank statement pages?

As long as we have the opening and closing balance for that bank account we will add an entry to make sure the delivered files match the bank statements.

If you are missing the opening or closing balance we will be unable to perform our usual Quality Assurance checks though you will still receive files of what we have been able to convert.

Does it matter if it is a scanned copy of the bank statements?

Jet Convert service can process any bank statements, original or scanned, as long as the figures are human eye legible. Many bank statement readers can only process original bank statements. 

How do I use the CSV / OFX files with my accounting software?

To import into Xero
  1.  Download the attached file(s) to your computer. OFX is the preferred type by Xero.
  2. Go to your Xero Dashboard.
  3. For the bank account, click the drop-down arrow next to Manage Account.
  4. Select ‘Import a Statement’ and follow the instructions.
  5. Do this for each bank we have converted statements for.
To import into another accounting software type
  1. Check with your software provider as to the preferred file type for import.
  2. Download the attached file(s) to your computer.
  3. Refer to your accounting software instructions as to how to import bank statement data.
  4. Repeat for each bank we have converted statements for.

What are the advantages of using the Jet Convert bank statement conversion service?

Using a semi-automated process we tidy up the data, put transactions in the correct sequence, detect any potential gaps, test the integrity, and send it back to you. Even if descriptions wrap over two lines in the original bank statements, our service will ensure it remains in the one cell within your spreadsheet.

The Jet Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process provides automated testing along with a manual check of OCR failures. So what you get back balances perfectly against the bank statements supplied.
The bottom line is that we save you the hours and hours required to tidy up and correct spreadsheets generated using the DIY approach.

As long as the bank statements are English language-based, single currency and are human eye legible, then we can convert the statements into CSV / OFX for you.

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