Customer Job tracking

Customer Job tracking

During the conversion, we only migrate tracking associated with "Jobs" and not "Customers".  Customer Job tracking is a function in Reckon and Quickbooks.

When the tracking is set up against a ‘customer’ it is not linked to a ‘job’. During the conversion, if there is no ‘job’ detected then the job information associated with this customer cannot be converted.  

In the example below, this invoice has been assigned to Customer Job ‘Fairy Shrimp Dry’, which has been set up against Customer: Job ‘Haycon Envt’.   

For this reason, the tracking information will not be found in your Xero organization. 

At the moment there will be two options to add job/tracking information post-conversion. Once you have set up the tracking categories please see below:  

Option 1: Find and Re-code 

You can use find and recode to allocate tracking to the necessary transactions. 

Find and re-code in Xero is a fantastic tool to easily update or re-assign transactions. 

Option 2: Monthly Manual Journals 

If there are too many transactions to update you could possibly use a monthly manual journal to bring in the tracking information. Please run a job/tracking profit and loss and then use this to formulate the manual journal to incorporate tracking.
F or additional information in regards to Manual Journals please see here .

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