I can't upload my Desktop file

I can't upload my Desktop file

First, check the internet browser that you are using.  We recommend using Chrome to download Chrome: https://www.google.com/intl/en_au/chrome/browser/

If you are still getting an error on uploading your file it may be because of one of the following reasons:

1. Check that the file extension is valid - we accept Australian .myo and .myox files, Australian .qbb and .qbw files, New Zealand .myo and .myox files,  and American .ptb, .qbb, .qbw .qbm files. Also, it may be that someone has deleted or amended the .myo or .myox. You will also need to ensure you are loading ONLY the data file, not other items in the zip.

2. Check that the file has data in it by checking its file size.  If it is empty it will have a file size of 0. You will need to save the file again if this is the case.  

3. Check that the zip folder only has one file in there. If it has more than one file extract the source file and zip it on its own.

4. If the file size is greater than 800 MB, you can reduce the file size by either optimising or rolling your file, if this is successful, you can then try uploading again using the smaller file once zipped. If you would like us to process your file as is we can complete this under our custom conversions.  Please note 800 Mb is still a very large file and could take longer than the usual 3 or 5 business days to complete.

5. We cannot open a zip file that has a password. Try compressing the source file outside MYOB to prevent a password from being applied. 

6. Sometimes the file can be corrupted in the zipping processTry rezipping the file and upload it again.

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