Converting into Existing Xero Organisations

Converting into Existing Xero Organisations

We require correct access to the Existing Xero Organisation to complete the conversion. The conversion will be placed on hold until correct access is obtained.  

Issues that may prevent us from Converting in your Existing Xero Organisation

The Existing Xero organisation needs to be:
  1. Named 100% exactly the same as the company name on the source file (including any punctuation). How to change the Xero organisation display name
  2. Completely Empty. The Existing Xero organisation needs to be COMPLETELY EMPTY of accounting data, bank feeds, bank rules etc in order for us to convert into it.
  3. Sufficient Xero Subscription. The Xero subscription limits to invoices / bills etc also apply to our conversions. If you have Invoices and bills you will need to select a package like Standard (AU) or Growing (US).
  4. Not a Practice Xero Organisation. If the organisation is your Practice Xero organisation, due to the limitations there are in accessing Xero, we will need to create a new Xero organisation as part of the conversion process which we will transfer to your Practice subscriber. Contact Xero to get your Practice pricing plan applied to the new Xero organisation and they will cancel the initial Xero organisation provided.
  5. Xero organisation set-up needs to be completed.
  6. Not a Xero Trial Subscription. We are not allowed to convert into a free Xero trial under our Xero Subsidised service.
  7. Do not start work within the Xero organisation until prompted by email as this will impact the Quality Assurance checks.
Xero Approved Partners
If you have spoken to your Xero Account Manager and they have provided you with a link to use this service then you have landed in the right place.

If not and you are looking to convert a group or a whole practice please do reach out to your Xero Account Manager to see if you are eligible for this service.  It is available to Xero Partners that purchase organisations in bulk with a minimum of 5 Business Editions.  If you don't have a Xero Account Manager and don't know where to start reach out to and we will put you in touch.

Providing access to Xero - United States approved Partners - see here

Providing access to Xero - Australian approved Partners - see here

Businesses & NonSubsidised Conversions for Partners

Our Xero subsidised conversion service requires us to create the new Xero organisation and transfer it to your nominated subscriber. However, if you do want to convert into your existing Xero organisation you can do so using our NonSubsidy service. This costs $220 in addition to the conversion package that you select.

Contact us to find out more. If you are in Australia select this link to start your conversion using this service.

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