Existing Xero Organisations

Existing Xero Organisations

Existing Xero Organisations

We do not convert into an existing Xero organisation. Our software creates a new Xero organisation as part of the conversion process and we send it to you at completion of the conversion.  If you have already set up a Xero subscription and you would like to convert with us here is what we recommend that you do with the existing organisation:
  1. Rename existing organisation: We recommend that you rename your current subscription organisation so there is no confusion with the new one we create for you.
  2. Bank feeds: If you do have an existing Xero subscription and have bank feeds already established in the organisation you created, you can transfer them across to the new organisation we create for you by following these steps, once you have your newly converted Xero organisation under your subscription.
  3. Cancelling the original subscription: You will need to cancel your existing Xero organisation once bank feeds have been transferred otherwise you will end up with two Xero subscriptions to pay.

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