BankLink Conversions

BankLink Conversions

BankLink to Xero conversions are only available in Australia. It is available to Xero Partners via the Xero Partner Consultants go to the Xero website to register interest. One of the Partner Consultants will be in touch to discuss. 

How Data is Converted

Data converted:
  1. Basic Chart of accounts*
  2. Coded transactions for the current financial year (coming across like bank feeds)
  3. Reconciled transactions convert as reconciled
  4. Unreconciled transactions convert as unreconciled
  5. All manual journals
  6. All non-transferring journals
  7. Conversion date set as the start of the current financial year in which the file is loaded
  8. Conversion balances set to 0, so you can easily add balances post-conversion
For any conversions where there are more than 700 accounts, we have to reduce them to be able to upload into Xero. We drop all the accounts that are not used in transactions. 
Also please note that only the 'basic accounts' will convert, not the 'posting accounts'.

You get a choice of the following for transactional history:
  1. Current financial year (conversion date set as start of current FY)
  2. Current plus previous financial year (conversion date set as start of previous FY)
  3. Up to 7 years history (conversion date set as start of current FY)
For prior years only reconciled transactions will be imported.  For the current year all reconciled and unreconciled transactions will be imported.

Data not converted
  1. Invoices, bills, credit notes, quotes, orders
  2. Jobs & categories
  3. Contact details
  4. Items
  5. Memorisations
  6. Uncoded transactions. Uncoded transactions are unallocated transactions that we cannot extract and convert.
This service provides for both GST and non-GST Cashbook plans.

Pre Conversion Recommendations

Remove the Password

  1. Open the BankLink file.
  2. Select Other Functions from the top menu bar.

      3. Select Client Details from the drop-down menu

      4. Remove both Password and Confirm Password by deleting the contents of these two boxes on this screen.
      5. Click OK and close the file.


  1. For the GST coding to come across correctly, it is important that the settings for BAS Fields (Other Functions - GST Set Up - BAS Fields) are correct.
  2. For a chart of accounts such as Handiledger, MYOB AE MAS and Professional Accounting XPA 8, we interpret your account codes to identify the account types.
  3. For all other chart of accounts, please make sure your account types (Other Functions - Chart of Accounts - Maintain Chart - Group) are set correctly.
  4. Make sure that any uncoded transactions are coded before the conversion or the conversion will fail.
  5. The Xero Enablement team will work with you to set up the bank feeds in the most efficient way.

Post Conversion Instructions

Once the BankLink files have been converted it is important to set the conversion balances for your client's Xero organisation. If you have not set the conversion balances the trial balance report will look like the information has been imported back to front. Once you have added the conversion balances this report will be correct. 

Please see an example below of the trial balance prior to entering the conversion balances:

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