How do I prevent someone from making changes to my file?

How do I prevent someone from making changes to my file?

After conversion, you will find that a "Period Lock Date" and an "End Of Year Lock Date" are set to the conversion date (start of the financial year). This is to avoid anyone making changes to the file that has been converted.

If you want to stop yourself and clients from making any kind of changes in the Xero organisation up to the period of where you are with reconciliation, you will have to set a later date to these fields and save them. Keeping this up to date will prevent changes from being made to the file which could result in major implications and potential rework.

Set a lock date

  1. In the Accounting menu, select Advanced, then click Financial settings.
  2. Under Lock Dates, enter the date to lock transactions at.

Image showing lock date in Financial Settings screen.

3.   Click Save.

Remove a lock date

Users with the Advisor user role can remove lock dates temporarily to allow changes to transactions.

  1. In the Accounting menu, select Advanced.
  2. Click Financial settings.
  3. Under Lock Dates, delete the date in the Lock Date field, then click Save.

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