Invoice, Payslip & Other Templates

Invoice, Payslip & Other Templates

Templates are NOT brought across to Xero for the following reasons:
  1. Templates are not contained in the accounting file itself
  2. Other products are inconsistent in how they treat templates so we can’t bring them across.

Payslip Template

You will need to add the logo to the payslip template in Xero if required. See Payslip templates

Invoice, Estimate, Email and Other Templates

You will need to add the logo and configure all templates in Xero. See Template help
  1. Custom Invoice Template
  2. Add logo to Invoices and other documents
If you are baffled by creating your custom template check on Xero’ s App Marketplace for suggestions or search the net for suppliers. Here are just some we know about:
  1. Virtual Assistant On Call
  2. docXzero – Xero Integrators
  3. Digital Discovery Co 

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