We cannot convert files with multi-currency transactions. If multi-currency has not been used, there is a possibility that you may be able to turn it off or you can convert the transactions to the native currency.

Multi-Currency in MYOB

If multi-currency has not been used in the file then there is a possibility that you may be able to turn off this feature and re-submit the file for conversion. You will need to have the ability to make adjustments in the MYOB file. Adjustments can not be made if you have the 'Read only' access.
Criteria to remove multi-currency:
  1. No transactions at all in the transaction period using a foreign currency (If there are only a few in the file you can open the transaction and convert the foreign currency to the equivalent native currency)
  2. No balances in any foreign currency accounts
To turn off multi-currency please follow the steps below:
  1. Check any multi-currency accounts for a Balance. If $0 proceed to step 2. 
  2. Delete currencies in the currency table. You can find currencies in the 'Lists' tab
    Note: If you are unable to delete this currency as it is linked to an account you will need to unlink the relevant accounts. This message usually refers to either receivables and/or payable accounts associated with the currency. Once these links have been removed you will need to re-try to delete the currency.
  3. Change any Foreign exchange accounts to AU currency.
  4. Remove any foreign currency linked to your contacts.
  5. Turn off multi-currency in the file by un-ticking 'I deal with multiple currencies.

Multi-Currency in QB desktop, QBO and Reckon files

We CANNOT convert files that have used multi-currency in the transactional period you are trying to convert. If there are only a few multi-currency transactions in the file you can open each transaction and convert the foreign currency to the equivalent native currency before submitting for conversion.

Alternatively, you may contact us to convert a period without foreign currency transactions eg. You have used foreign currency in 2020 but have not used it since. We can still convert this file, we just cannot convert 2020 in transactional data.

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