Custom Conversions

Custom Conversions

Oversized Desktop Source Files

When uploading desktop files our system will read the file size - this the raw size of the file eg. if it has been zipped or compressed (in QuickBooks and Reckon you can back up as a QBB or QBM these are compressed files making them easier to transport to accountants or keep for auditing purposes):
  1. Desktop Files over 800MB to 1.95GB - We can extract the data for large file size - These are processed under our Accelerate package + an additional $330 for the oversized file. This will provide you Current Financial year + 1 previous financial years of transactional data plus Monthly Conversion Balances for as far back in the file we can access for $760 after the Xero subsidy.

Custom Conversion Package Options

Not every file is going to fit into one of our Normal packages, so for this, we can complete custom conversions on a case by case basis. We want to make your life simpler by helping you make the move to Xero therefore we have listed a range of custom conversions we complete below:

Transactional History

The page currently support current + 9 previous years of htransactional history. There is no limit on how far we can convert as long as the data is available in a single file contact us on


  1. Files with more than 500 Jobs / Classes/ Categories - Xero does not suggest bringing in more than 500 as only 200 can be active at any time. However, we understand that this is sometimes a must for clients. You can select to convert a volume of up to 2450 jobs/classes/ categories using this option.
  2. Jobs without classes / classes without jobs - Sometimes Jobs have been created over a number of years and you want this data to not come into the new file this option will allow you to make this choice. Or possibly classes were setup to be used with best intentions however were never used or not used correctly this will give you an option to exclude them without excluding Jobs.
  3. Exclude all Jobs and Classes - You may have set them up and they have never been used or you plan to use a new add on to track these and as such would like to exclude these from your conversion.


  1. No Payroll Setup - If you are wanting the Payroll setup to be excluded from your conversion we can also stop this from coming in. 
  2. Payroll setup no opening balances - You or your client may have acquired a business with its employees and want to copy across the details for the new company file.

Monthly Comparative Balances Option

Adding monthly comparatives to your transactional history is a personal preference and often depends on the quality of the file data. Choosing a conversion package with monthly comparatives is good to do if the data is reliable and can give you insight into the progress of the business over a larger portion of time. Monthly comparatives are part of the Accelerate and Custom Conversion packages, and can be added as an optional extra to the Standard package. 

If you believe the data before a certain point is unreliable or unhelpful then either select a Standard conversion which does not contain monthly comparatives, or turn them off using the Custom Conversion service.

Change your Chart of Accounts

This is where you get to choose how the Chart of Accounts will appear in Xero. Good for franchises and businesses with multiple entities so as to streamline reporting across all Xero Organisations.
See here for more information about this feature

We are open to discussing other custom conversion to help you move to Xero. To discuss these in more detail please contact us via email 

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