Deleting Jobs

Deleting Jobs

Xero can only take a maximum of 500 jobs therefore in some instances you may need to reduce the number of jobs in the file to meet the package criteria. If you really need these jobs you could ask for a custom conversion.


The total jobs includes all active, inactive, and header jobs plus categories.

To find out how many jobs are in your file List>Jobs> Print ensuring that you tick "Include Zero Balances" in the Header otherwise the count will be incorrect.

NB: If you have received an email from us say your count is higher than your report it is likely that the "Include Zero balances" has not been ticked.

To delete the jobs from MYOB please complete the following.
  • List > Jobs > Open the jobs right click and delete.

NOTE: We recommend completing the above on a 'copy' of the MYOB file so that you can review the original MYOB file if necessary.

Reckon and Quickbooks

To find out how many jobs are in your file:

go to Lists >Class Lists > Select then to remove Right Click Delete

NOTE: If the 500 limit is impacted by Customer or Supplier jobs then you will be unable to limit the number of jobs so you may consider a custom conversion.

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