Inventory Items

Inventory Items

All items are created in Xero with their item codes, descriptions and purchase and sales details.

What we Convert

  1. Item number and item name
  2. Base Sales Price
  3. Standard cost
  4. COGS and Inventory $
  5. COGs and Inventory Accounts
  6. Item Description:
    1. Note: there is not just a ‘description’ in Xero, there is a sales description, and a purchase description
    2. We always merge name and description as Xero sales/purchase description
    3. Note that the item name/description will be converted into the inventory Sales Description in Xero, regardless of whether the item is bought or sold
Note that Inventory accounts are set up in MYOB as ‘other assets’ and as Xero does not have an ‘other assets’ account the inventory accounts generally convert as a ‘fixed asset’. Xero will not allow you to change the ‘fixed asset’ to an ‘inventory asset’ account so there is some manual work to implement tracking post conversion (refer Converting untracked inventory to tracked in Xero below).

If you select a transactional history service you receive postings for sales and purchases, sales value and purchase value.

Please note that active and archived Inventory will be converted.

What we DO NOT Convert

The following will NOT come across as part of the conversion and will require updating in the Xero org:
  1. Time-billing / Activities
  2. Locations (MYOB Enterprise)
  3. Last Purchase Price
  4. Restocking information including primary supplier are not brought across
  5. Quantity on Hand is not brought across
  6. Item codes come across on approved Invoices and bills. You will NOT receive item codes on credit notes, draft invoices or bills.
  7. Bill of materials-Xero does not handles this data therefore it can not be replicated. 
We cannot convert files if the Negative Inventory setting is enabled. Please refer to our knowledgebase article on how to deal with this.

If the Accounts associated with inventory items has been changed in the past it may restrict the amount of history that can be delivered.

Converting Untracked Inventory to Tracked in Xero

During the conversion process Inventory Items are converted as ‘Un-tracked Items’ this allows the items to be connected to the COGS account and the Sales account.

Xero have recently updated how you can handle inventory in Xero and this new functionality now allows clients to track and use the relevant inventory accounts. However, our conversion service does not allow inventory tracking to be converted to Xero.

To update this data in Xero please refer to the following information for:
  1. Convert un-tracked inventory to tracked inventory in Xero
  2. If you have multiple Inventory items you may prefer to amend this information in bulk
  3. Export Inventory Items
  4. Enter opening Balances for Tracked Inventory
During the process of creating your ‘tracked’ items in Xero you will be able to allocate the relevant inventory code. Please see screenshot of the information that needs updating in Xero.

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