Post Conversion Queries

Post Conversion Queries

Amending Conversion Balances

Please see here for more information on how to Amend Conversion Balances

Figures in Conversion Clearing Account

Please see here for more information regarding conversion clearing accounts.

Why do I have a Reconciliation Account?

From time to time when extracting transactional data from the source file we find that when a chart of account type bank no longer exists in the chart of accounts whether active or inactive,  we create an account titled Reconciliation account to bring the data into Xero. During the quality assurance process the team will handle these items individually to ensure that the missing chart of account is created and maintained if necessary.

I Cannot View my Action Checklist

If the status page link is not working and/or you cannot download the Action Checklist, it may be because you are using Internet Explorer. If so, try copying and pasting the status page URL into Chrome (our recommended browser) and see if it works there. If you still have no luck please contact and we will send you a pdf.

Why did my Reckon Customer Tracking not Convert?

Please see here for information regarding Customer Tracking.

Why can I not see my converted file in Xero?

While in Xero go to your "MyXero" home page. If the new organisation that we have created for you is not there it is possible that you have not yet accepted the Xero subscription from us.

You should have received an email from Xero which says:

"Jet Convert has invited you to take over the subscription for <organisation name> on Xero. This will allow you to manage billing and payment information for the subscription.

To accept this invitation please use the following link: "

When you click on this link you have the choice to:

  1. Create a Login with Xero (if you do not already have a login set up with Xero) or
  2. Log in now (if you do have a login set up with Xero). 

The link from Xero is only valid for 14 days so please accept it as soon as possible. If the link has expired please contact .

Also, see Accepting a Xero subscription invitation for more help on this matter.

Why do I have a balance in an AR/AP Original account?

Please see here for information regarding AR/AP Original Accounts and why we create them.

Why is the conversion date locked?

Generally, this is done so that you cannot accidentally make amendments to the conversion balances and impact the integrity of the converted data. More from Xero on lock dates

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