Converting Into an Upgraded Ledger Existing Xero Subscription

Converting Into an Upgraded Ledger Existing Xero Subscription

This is our Beta release of this product and is only available to Accountants and Bookkeepers. Businesses will need to go through their external Accountant/Bookkeeper who is a certified Xero Partner.

Background Information 

This service is where we add up to two years of transactional history to an existing Xero ledger which has been used previously just for tax lodgement purposes.

Terms & assumptions:

  1. Currently only available in Australia - please reach out to for your interest in other regions.
  2. Xero Subscription type: The ledger subscription will be upgraded prior to conversion by the Accountant/Bookkeeper. Please note that invoice/bill/bank transactions limits on the Xero package apply to our conversions for the entire amount of data converted. 
  3. 2023 FY is complete: We assume during this Beta release that 2023 FY has been completed in Xero and Jet Convert will add transactional data from the 01/07/2023. The exception to this is where Invoices/bills dated prior to 01/07/2023 were unpaid and are required for a complete conversion. A journal will be entered to bring 2023 Accounts back into alignment with the provided source data file and details on the journal made available via the post conversion Action Checklist. We recommend that this is reviewed by the Accountant/Bookkeeper post conversion in Xero.
  4. Payroll: You will receive payroll setup up to 50 employees.
  5. Chart of Accounts: Ensure that the Xero Subscription contains a Chart of accounts with the correct Tax Type. If you have created the Bank in the Ledger as an current asset and not a bank during the conversion process you will have the ability to bring across the bank account from the source file as a bank and you can transfer the balance from the prior current asset account to bring the bank balance into alignment. As part of the conversion process you will be given to map the source file Chart of Accounts into the Xero Chart of Accounts, or add them as additional Accounts if required.
  6. Jobs/Classes/CategoriesThe same limits will apply to our current conversion packages. If your source file exceeds these limits we will ask you during the conversion process if you would like to include them and the associated cost.
  7. Bank Feeds: Preferably not connected however if they are they should NOT be reconciled until post conversion.
  8. Conversion Balances: Will not be added as part of the conversion. Jet Convert will rely on the conversions balances in the Xero Ledger and add the movement transactions from the 01/07/2023.

Conversion Package Options

  1. Beta release will only allow for the Jet convert Package Option of Standard.
  2. Cost: $220


  1. Work through the pre-conversion checklist for every source Accounting File and ensure that it meets the Essential checklist requirements.
  2. Upgrade the Xero Ledger subscription to meet the needs of your client's source data.
  3. Start your conversion here. Do NOT use the green 'Start Your Xero conversion' button on the Jet Convert website.
  4. IF APPLICABLE - If the source software type is online, invite us into the source file.
  5. Invite us into the Xero Subscription.
  6. Map Chart of Accounts in the source accounting software to the Chart of Accounts in the Xero Subscription. You will receive an email from us when we are ready for you to do so. You can stop and start as required see here for more on how to map the Chart of Accounts. From here we will take up to 5 business days to complete the conversion.
  7. Conversion Complete! We will send you a post conversion Action Checklist for your conversion.
    1. In this document there are several Trial Balance reports.  In the first year Trial Balance report, the figures on the left are the initial Xero Trial balance prior to conversion. In the second year Trial Balance report the left hand side is a combination of the Xero Trial balance prior to conversion plus the movements added from the source data.
    2. If required, we will add an Adjusting Journal due to invoice/bills open prior to 01/07/2023. This will be mentioned in the Action Checklist and should be reviewed by the Accountant/Bookkeeper in Xero.

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