Reckon (AU)

Reckon (AU)

What Versions of Reckon do you Convert?

The Reckon conversion service is for Australia only.
Please see  here for what we can convert. Some types of transactions may also lead to conversion issues please see more information about these  here.

What is Converted?

System Differences and Conversion Information to be aware of

  1. In some instances in Reckon a transaction may be linked to a job report however when looking at the transaction in Reckon there is no job listed. In these instances you may experience a variance in the Job profit report
  2. Jobs/ categories and classes convert into Tracking in Xero
  3. Tracked Inventory needs to be setup post conversion
  4. Xero does not allow general journals and payment unallocated to invoices and bills to customer and suppliers. Therefore we assign these to a non system Accounts Receivable and Payable account.
  5. We do not process Multicurrency

Reckon Desktop

Creating a Back-Up

To save the backup of your Reckon desktop file, please follow the following steps.
1. Click on the File menu > Save Copy or Backup

2.Select Backup Copy and click Next

3.Select Local Backup and click Next

4. Browse the location that you wish to save the file to eg. your Desktop

How to Clean Up my Reckon File

You only need to do this step if your file is large in size and you would like to reduce it prior to conversion
Only Ever make this change on a backup copy of the file as it removes old data
There are three steps to prepare your Reckon file:
  1. Remove the password
    1. From the toolbar select Company> Change Your Password
    2. Check the user is admin and the new password is blank. If you have a password it will ask you for it. 
  2. Set the closing date: The closing date is technically the Start date from which you want transactions converted, not the date of the last transaction in the file. To convert transactions from 1 July 20XX, set the closing date to 30/6 of the same calendar year.  EG - To convert transactional history from Reckon to Xero from 1 July 2023, set the closing date at 30/6/2023. 
    1. From the toolbar select "Company"
    2. Use the drop-down to select "Set Closing Date"
    3. Click on Set Date/Password. Selected the closing date of your choice ie 30/06/XX. Remember this will 'close' transactions prior to this date.
  3. Clean up the file:
    1. From the toolbar select File
    2. From the drop-down select Utilities
    3. From the expanded options select 'Clean Up Company Data'
    4. Click Yes at the 'Budget data may be removed during cleanup. Do you want to continue anyway?'
    5. Select 'remove transactions as of a specific date' this is the same as the closing date (for example 30/06/20XX). Please note this will remove transactions prior to this period and is why we recommend doing this process on a backup copy.
    6. Select Next
    7. Tick all boxes then click next
    8. Tick all boxes then click next
    9. Click 'Begin Cleanup'.

Reckon Hosted

How to Create a Back-Up 

Before you download the Reckon Accounts Hosted file, follow these steps.

Follow the steps below to create a backup file which is stored in your My Backup (B:) drive and make a copy of that to your local computer as a secondary backup set.
1. Click on the  File menu >  Save Copy or Backup

2. Select Backup copy and then click the  Next button

3. Click on the  Options button to display the Save Backup Copy>Options screen.
As you are on a Hosted Platform, only the Local Backup option is enabled. This is 'local' with respect to the platform and will not save on your personal computer.

4. The My Backup (B:) drive is the default backup location. We recommend that you select the “ Complete verification” option and then click the OK button to return to the Save Backup: Method screen. If the Complete Verification is not completed you can still start a conversion with us however it may mean we have calculation issues with your data.

5.      Once you are back in the  Save Backup: Method screen, click on the  Finish button to proceed with and finalise the backup process.

7.      Once the backup has completed you will be prompted with a similar message prompt as shown below. Click the OK button

Follow these steps to save your backup to your computer. 

  1. Click on the download icon located on the top right-hand corner of your screen
  2. Click on the “Look in:” drop-down menu and select “My Backup (B:) “ where your hosted backup sets are stored by default
  3. Select your Backup File or Portable Company file you want to make a local copy of
  4. The Reckon Accounts Hosted download function will automatically download your file to your web browsers default download folder location.
Here is a video regarding taking a backup that may assist.

You have successfully created a backup file and transferred it onto your local machine. Once done click on “Open Downloads folder” to navigate to the backup file.

From here, you can load through our website for conversion.

How to clean up my Reckon Hosted File

Please have a look through the following screenshots for picture instructions on how to reduce the size of your file.
  1. File > Utilities > Clean up company data Clean up the file by purging transactions prior to your chosen date. 

  2. Remove all transactions prior to your chosen date.

  3. Uncheck "Remove uncleared (unreconciled) bank and credit card transactions."

  4. Remove the ''done' to do' notes. You may also wish to check the box for the unused accounts/customer or suppliers.

  5. Select Begin Cleanup

  6. Put the backup into a subfolder. Select OK

  7. At this stage also go through the complete verification.

  8. Click Save.

  9. If you receive this error, some additional account fixing may be required. See the steps below.

  10. It is best to save as a QBW or QBB you can then reopen the file to check that all the data you are wanting to convert is still in it prior to starting a conversion.

  11. Reckon then asks where to save the working copy. Save in a directory and call it something unique so that it is clear that this not your working file.  Once you have verified the data this is the file to upload. Be sure to remove any passwords.

Errors - How to Fix Various

Common Errors and How to Handle Them

  1. Clean-up date set too early. See Example 1
  2. Error Templates  - See Example 2
  3. Changing Admin Password. - See Example 3
  4. The accountant’s Copy may need to be cancelled for purging. - See Example 4
  1. Clean-Up Date
    Set the date for clean up to be the end of the financial year that you do not need data for to retain only the relevant data. Open invoices etc will still come through. 
    Clean up date may be set before 30/06/2014. Edit > Preferences > Accounting > Company > Set closing Date
  2. Errors in Templates
    In the rebuild, you may get errors in the Templates file. You need to find those errors and then delete the templates.
    Might need to do a re-build of the file which recreates indices and relationships. This is an example of a failure - duplicate elements. 
    The log file showed there were 2 invoices called "custom invoices"

    Following this up discovered that there were 2 templates called “custom Invoice” (Will need to track these errors to see what are common ones).

    Deleting 1 solves this problem
  3. Change Password to Blank
    Company, Change Your Password. Please supply the file with a blank password.
  4. Change from Accountants Copy to Business
    Sometimes the file will have had the accountant’s Copy set. You need to go and cancel that process to enable cleanup.
    File > Accountant's Copy > Client > Cancel

    Requires Confirmation

**Please note, we can not guarantee that these steps will work for your file.**

Reckon Accountants Version - How to Downgrade a File

If you have a Reckon Accountant file, we need the file to be saved from a business version of Reckon (Pro / Premier / Enterprise). To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Reckon File in the Accountant version.
  2. From the file menu, choose toggle to another edition (e.g. Premier General Business).
  3. Save a backup copy of the file.
  4. Whilst still toggled, restore the back-up copy, this is now ready to upload to us.

Conversion Process

Step 1: Tidy up

Please see here for pre-conversion tidy up recommendations.            

Step 2: Register your details            

  1. Start the conversion via our website.
  2. Select Upload Your File
  3. Fill out your details and click Proceed.

Step 3: Select your package

Please see here for more on our packages.

Step 4: The conversion commences

  1. We will extract the data from your Reckon file
  2. Premium Package Optional - Bank Mapping - see here for more on Bank Mapping
  3. The Conversion will be completed and to you in 5 business days. We will contact you if it looks like it might take longer.

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