Quickbooks (US)

Quickbooks (US)

Quickbooks Preparation Checklist

NOTE: This conversion service is only for the USA version of Quickbooks into the USA version of Xero. If your company pays tax outside the USA then, unfortunately, you will need to consult another conversion supplier.
It is ESSENTIAL that you work through the recommended file preparations before uploading your file for conversion. This will ensure that you will have a cleaner conversion to Xero, and highlight if there are any outstanding steps that you will have to complete post-conversion.

  1. If the essential preparation items are not complete you WILL have issues in Xero.
  2. You will notice that some of the items on this list are optional. This is because you may be able to action these items more easily in Xero post-conversion. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team via email at support@jetconvert.com.

What we can and cannot convert

Please see here for what we can convert. Some types of transactions may also lead to conversion issues please see more information about these here.

QB desktop and QBO that we cannot convert:
  1. We CANNOT convert files that have used multi-currency. USD must be the only currency.
  2. Quickbooks for other territories - e.g. Australia or Asia as the taxes are handled differently in both Quickbooks and Xero.
  3. Advanced inventory (inventory tracking) is not supported.
  4. We do not yet convert payroll.
  5. Billable Expenses do not convert as Xero does not have the functionality.
NOTE - Please remove passwords. It helps if you can provide the file with the password removed but this is not possible with 2018 versions. Please make sure that if you have changed the name of the admin user to something else you change it back to Admin.

There are also some transaction types that may lead to issues:
  1. Manual journals to control accounts 
  2. Tracked Inventory
  3. Multiple Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable accounts
Please see more information about these here.

How to Back-Up my Quickbooks Desktop File

You only need to provide a backup file if you cannot upload the raw QBW file. To create your backup, follow the instructions in this link or the screenshots below:
NOTE: Please do not take an Accountants backup as these cannot be used for conversion.
1. Open the company file that you want to back up, once the company file is open go to File > Back-up company >  Create Local Backup

2. Make sure Local Backup is select and then select Next

3. Select Browse to choose where to save your file once select OK

4. Select Use this Location - as this is a backup for instant upload and not safe keeping there is no issue with saving it on the same hard drive

5. Ensure Save it Now is selected and then select Next
Your file is now ready to be uploaded via our website!
If you have taken a QBB extension backupand there is a password please add the password on the upload page.

Condensing a Quickbooks Desktop File

Quickbooks files cannot be purged, but you can clear old transactions with the Condense Data Tool.
Note -
  1. Make sure you have a backup in case things go wrong.
  2. If you condense you will not be able to access any of the history removed from the file.
  3. Please note that if you are successful in getting the file size to less than 800MB it is still a very large file and could take longer than the usual 5 business days to complete. Also, there is no guarantee that we will be able to convert your file, once reduced.
Please see the steps to condense your file below:
  1. Click "File" in the main menu bar.
  2. Select "Utilities" followed by "Condense Data".
  3. Click to enable the "Transactions before a specific date" radio button in the Condense Data window.
  4. Enter your preferred date in the "Remove transactions before" field.
  5. Click the "Next" button and then click "Next again" to complete the procedure.
  6. Create a summary journal entry for each month
  7. Select "Select None" for Removing the transactions, and similarly with not removing the lists (we will need those).
  8. Begin Condense

Quickbooks Online Conversions

What is converted:
  1. Contacts: All contacts convert, even archived contacts as they may have been used in transactions, you can archive them in Xero following conversion
  2. Chart of Accounts: All accounts as per the source file, if there are no account numbers our software will post a system-generated number instead, account hierarchy will need to be set up in Xero post-conversion as we cannot bring across accounts as headers
  3. Inventory items: Tracked inventory is not converted, you can add that into Xero post-conversion
  4. Classes: More than 100 Classes will attract a fee, if there are more than 500 Classes they will not convert
  5. Open invoices & bills: Anything open can be dealt with in Xero following conversion
  6. Transactions: Invoices, Quotes and Orders with full line item details and all payments against them
Pre-conversion file preparation: Please see here for pre-conversion tidy up recommendations.

The QBO Conversion Process

Please follow the steps below:

1. Start the conversion via our website.
2. Select Quickbooks Online and Load.
3. You then need to click the blue button to go to your Quickbooks portal, and select the correct organization.

4. Leave the upload page, and then follow on-screen instructions to allow Jet Convert to have access. (see photo below).

5. After you authorize Jet Convert you will be taken back to the Jet Convert conversion page to enter your other contact details and proceed. Unless you have been provided with a Jet_promocode leave the field blank.

6. On the next screen you will be provided with a Migration ID Number (a format such as nnnnnn).

7. Back in QBO, have the subscriber go to Settings / Manage Users to invite us to QBO.

8. Please invite us in as a Company Administrator.  We need this level of Access in order to extract the data. You may need to ask the QBO Administrator to do this for you if you are not an Administrator.

9.  Use email qbo@jetconvert.com, enter 'REF' as Firstname and our reference number 'nnnnnn' as Lastname. This is VERY IMPORTANT.  If we do not receive the correct Migration ID number the invitation may expire and the conversion delayed.

10. If you are using a Simple Start version, then you will need to invite us as an accountant as that version only allows a single user. It is a slightly different process.

12. After you finish this process, you can see the status of the invited user.

13. Go back to the Jet Convert conversion page where you can make package selection (and bank account mapping if you select a premium package).

14. When done your conversion page will show the conversion as being in progress.

  1. We will attach to your QBO account and extract the data.
  2. The process continues and after a period of time (usually a few hours) you will be asked to confirm bank accounts if you selected a premium package.
  3. The new Xero Organization should be delivered to you in up to 5 business days. We will contact you if it looks like taking longer.
Warning: Live files - Quickbooks Online is a live system with bank feeds active. We will do our best to complete the conversion as fast as possible. If you have bank feeds or automatic invoicing then accounts such as AR or AP or bank balances will change daily. We will deliver the Xero org based on the status of the QBO data when we gain access to your entity.

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