What are the steps involved in doing a conversion?

What are the steps involved in doing a conversion?

1. Prepare the file
There is some 'tidy-up' work that we recommend you do in the file prior to conversion:
  1. Preparing a MYOB file (AU & NZ)
  2. Preparing a Reckon file (AU only)
  3. Preparing a Quickbooks online file (US only)
  4. Preparing a Quickbooks Desktop file (US only)
IMPORTANT - Our software creates the new Xero organisation as part of the conversion process. Please do not start a Xero subscription but wait for us to send it to you at the completion of the conversion.
We recommend ceasing work in your source file while we convert the data. If you must continue working in the offline file, ensure that you keep accurate records of what is done so that these transactions can be recreated in Xero, post-conversion.

2. Upload your file to us

Take a backup of your file:
  1. How to do a back-up of your MYOB file (AU & NZ)
  2. How to do a back up of your Reckon file (AU only)
  3. How to do a back of of your QB Desktop file (US only)
Zip your file to reduce the time to upload. Do not password protect the zip file. Then go to our website and click the green 'Upload' button.

When the form appears fill in contact information for yourself, and the e-mail address to which we should send the Xero subscription (this email will enter the payment details for Xero).
The process for this step is slightly different for QBO (US only) - please see here for more information.

3. Select your service

You will receive an email advising go to your status page to select your Package selection. This may just be a matter of seconds or make take a few hours, it depends on the data in your file. Select the service that best meets your needs. If you have decided that you are not ready to convert or you need to make changes you can click on the red Cancel button or email support@jetconvert.com with any questions you may have.

For premium packages, your next step is to advise us on how you want the bank accounts to be treated in Xero. At this step, you can review and, if necessary, change bank account types during the upload process prior to conversion. When finished with the bank accounts hit the Continue button to get the conversion happening.

From here we take up to three business days to complete the conversion with MYOB files, and up to 5 business days for all other file types. Accelerate packages receive priority service so that we deliver as quickly as possible to you.

4. Receive the Xero subscription & Action Checklist

At the completion of the conversion, you will receive an email with your post-conversion Action Checklist with recommended next steps. It is extremely important that you follow the instructions in this document.

The Xero subscriber is sent an email from xero.com with a link to taking over the Xero subscription. Click on the link in this e-mail and then either login using an existing Xero username and password, or register with Xero if you have not done so before.
Here is a link to a blog post that has more information with screen grabs on the conversion process and there is also a 3-minute video that you can watch.

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