Pre Conversion Queries

Pre Conversion Queries

How do I Start a Conversion?

For information on the steps required to complete a conversion see our knowledge base article here.

Can You Convert into my Existing Xero Organisation?

We are unable to convert into Existing Xero organisations.
To understand how to proceed with a conversion when you have an Existing Xero file please go here.

Can you merge two source files into one Xero file?

We do not have a service to merge two source files into one Xero file. However, you may want to consider converting the larger of the two files into Xero and then update the Xero file for the information that is in the smaller file. The reason we cannot provide this is:
  1. Our process is automated, and we create the organization in the conversion process
  2. We bring in a new chart of accounts, and it replaces the chart of accounts in the existing organization, along with opening balances 
Workaround: Xero does not provide a mechanism to combine two Xero files into one.  Looking on the Xero Community board you will see threads from other users who have found a workaround to suit their needs: 

Is There a File Size Limit?

Using the Standard and Insight packages you can convert files up to 350mb in their decompressed state. We also convert files up to 800mb using the Accelerate package. If your file is larger than this or you wish to reduce the size of your file we have instructions.
Here is more information on reducing MYOB file size.
Here is more information on reducing Reckon file size.
If you are unable to reduce the file size below 800MB we can convert using our custom conversions

When is the Best Time to Convert my File?

You are the best person to determine when the most appropriate time is to convert. 
Changing accounting software is an important step in your business journey so it is wise to allow for time to ask questions upfront, during or after the conversion process if there is anything you are unsure about. Our recommendation is that you convert in between busy times: 
  1. After completing invoicing or a pay run
  2. During business shutdown or maintenance
  3. When the sales cycle is at its seasonal lowest
  4. Avoid busy times such as BAS preparation
See here for for information on Timing for conversions

I Can't Upload my File

Go here for the steps to check when uploading your file.

Which Xero pricing plan will be selected for my subscription?

We select the Xero pricing plan based on the number of employees who have been paid in your source file in the last financial year. 
If there is no payroll in your file you will automatically receive a:
  1. Australia & New Zealand: Xero Standard subscription, this is the minimum level we can select.
  2. United States: Xero Growing Subscription, this is the minimum level we can select.
If you want to increase your pricing plan you can do so once accepting the Xero subscription. You can downgrade the subscription also however this will take 30 days to take effect.  This is all organised with Xero.
NOTE: Xero does not have a plan for files with more than 200 paid employees in your file please contact us to understand the options .

Can you apply a Promo Code to my Xero Subscription?

Xero package promotions are not available on conversions as a Xero subsidy of $220 is already applied to the conversion service. Using our Non Subsidised conversion service you can use the promo on the Xero subscription and then have us convert into it if this is more economical for your needs.

Find out more about utilising Xero promo codes with a conversion

What is the conversion date?

The conversion date is the date from where you want your transactions to start in Xero. On your conversion service selection page it will default to the earliest that we can go with transactional history. More from Xero on the conversion date
NOTE: Indicating a conversion date in the source file will not indicate how much is converted this is only indicated by the package selection.

Do Job / Classes / Categories Convert?

We can convert jobs to read more about how these convert see here.

How do my Unreconciled Bank Transactions Convert?

Unreconciled transactions will convert into the bank account they are linked to and will appear post-conversion under the 'Account Transactions' tab for the bank account. You can choose to reconcile these in a number of ways post-conversion. Some of these ways are to import the bank statement and match the unreconciled items with a bank entry or mark a transaction reconciled manually. If you are unsure please consult a specialist.

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