QuickBooks Online (AU)

QuickBooks Online (AU)

QBO Australia

You will need to invite us to have access to QBO as part of the conversion process - see 'HOW to do the conversion with us' below.

What is Converted?

Please note that we cannot convert QBO if the subscription has expired and it is 'View only'.

How to do the conversion with us

Step 1: Tidy up QBO

Step 2: Register your details

2.1 Start the conversion via our website.

2.2 Select QuickBooks Online  (AUS) and click Load .

2.3 Fill out your details and click Proceed.

Step 3: Invite Us Into your QBO

a. If you are a business:

      3.1.a. Click on the Settings button on the Top Right of your screen.
Then select Manage Users.    
      3.2.a Select the Accountant Firms tab and select Invite.     
      3.3.a. First Name = Jet , Last Name = Convert , Email = qboau24@jetconvert.com > Save.

Please see here for the step-by-step instructions with screengrabs.

If there are already 2 Accountants remove an unused access else ask the accountant to add us to their practice using the steps below:

b. If you are a practice:

      3.1.b. Go to Settings > Your Company > Your Team > Add User

      3.2.b. Add First Name = Jet , Last Name = Convert , Email = qboau@jetconvert.com > Next         
      3.3.b. On the Firm Administration and books tab grant Full Access > Next
      3.4.b. On the Client Access tab select all the client/s you want us to convert (next time just come in and tick the next client you want us to convert) > Save.

Please see here for the step-by-step instructions with screengrabs.

We request that you do this as soon as possible as the conversion cannot start without your invitation. If you only have a Simple Start Version, please invite us as an Accountant.
Please note that you cannot cancel your QBO subscription until the conversion is complete
Please also note that we cannot convert read-only or QBOs with cancelled subscriptions. The QBO account must be active for us to convert QBO to Xero.
Warning: Live files

Please note.  QuickBooks Online is a live system with bank feeds active. We will do our best to complete the conversion as fast as possible. If you have bank feeds or automatic invoicing then accounts such as AR or AP or bank balances will change daily. We will deliver the Xero organisation based on the status of the QBO data when we gain access to your entity.

Step 4: Select your package

After some time your status page will update to enable you to choose your Package Selection. This may take a matter of seconds up to a few hours depending on the data in your file. Try refreshing your status page to see if the package selection is available.

The options you'll be provided are specific to your file. Select the service and history option that best meets your needs. Then process payment.

Should you realize you have uploaded the wrong file you can cancel the conversion by selecting the 'Cancel Conversion' button.

Step 5: The conversion commences

5.1 We will connect to your QBO account and extract the data.
5.2 The process continues and you will be asked to confirm bank accounts (Cash or Cash Equivalents) in the conversion process to Xero if you selected an Insight or Accelerate packages.*
* Please be advised -If bank mapping is not completed within a 48 hour timeframe we will complete this on your behalf.
5.3 The new Xero Organisation should be delivered to you in 5 business days. We will contact you if it looks like it might take longer.

If your transactions have a link to a delayed payment we will be unable to convert transactional history as it is not available through the QBO API. If we encounter these transactions we will need to offer you a $0 balances instead.

Please see screengrabs below for an example of what these transactions look like:

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