Quickbooks Online (AU)

Quickbooks Online (AU)

What is Converted?

Pre-conversion file preparation

How to do the conversion with us

Step 1: Register your details

1. Start the conversion via our website.

2. Select Quickbooks Online and click Load.

3. You then need to click the Organisation name button to go to your Quickbooks portal and select the correct organisation

4. You will leave the upload page, and then follow on-screen instructions to allow Jet to have access.

5. After you authorise Jet Convert you will be taken back to the screen to enter your other contact details and proceed. Unless you have been provided with a Jet_promocode leave the field blank.

6. You will be provided with a Migration ID Number (a format such as nnnnnn).

Step 2: Invite Us Into your QBO

1. Go back into QBO, please invite us in as

File TypeAccess Level Required
BusinessCompany Admin Access
PracticeFull Access

2. Ensure also that you enter 'REF' as Firstname and our reference number 'nnnnnn' as Lastname. This is VERY IMPORTANT.  If we do not receive the correct Migration ID number the invitation may expire and the conversion delayed.
If you are using a Simple Start version, then you will need to invite us as an accountant as that version only allows a single user. It is a slightly different process.

4. To give us the correct access click on the Settings button on the Top Right of your organisation. Then select Manage Users.

5. There is a wizard that runs through. Select Company Admin when you get to that page then select Next.

6. Use the email address and reference number to complete the below

 7. After you finish this process, you can see the status of the invited user.

8. Please note that you cannot cancel your QBO subscription until the conversion is complete.

Warning: Live files

Please note.  Quickbooks Online is a live system with bank feeds active. We will do our best to complete the conversion as fast as possible. If you have bank feeds or automatic invoicing then accounts such as AR or AP or bank balances will change daily. We will deliver the Xero organisation based on the status of the QBO data when we gain access to your entity.

Step 3: We do the conversion

1. We will connect to your QBO account and extract the data.

2. The process continues and you will be asked to confirm bank accounts in the conversion process to Xero if you selected an Insight or Accelerate packages.

3. The new Xero Organisation should be delivered to you in 5 business days. We will contact you if it looks like it might take longer.

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